Juni 21, 2024

Girl's black outline heart tattoo on leg with lightning

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Girl with gun’s heart tat

We wouldn’t get on this gun-wielding girl’s bad side if we were you. And you better say you like her heart tattoo too!

Girl’s black outline heart tattoo on leg with lightning

This girl looks like a super hero, and she’s got the heart tattoo to match! Inked on her left thigh, this heart tattoo is simple but makes a big statement. The leg tat features a heart outlined in black with an ornate design around the outside and a lightning bolt in the center of the heart. The entire tattoo is inked in black and white.

There are a number of different meanings for lightning bolt tattoos out there these days, including speed (as in “fast as lightning”), power and strength. In this photo in particular, this girl is holding gun like she means to use it, so we’re going to guess that her heart tattoo with a lightning bolt could represent power, not in spite of, but because of femininity.