September 26, 2023

Girls with small friendship heart tattoos on hip

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Matching black heart tats

Nothing says friendship like identical heart tattoos! These four girls got small heart tats inked in black on their hips.

Girls with small friendship heart tattoos on hip

Matching tattoos are cute, especially when they represent love or friendship. These young girls each got a black heart inked on their left hip, all of which are filled in except for one that is an outlined heart. Since tattoos are permanent, identical heart tattoos are a great way to symbolize the strong bond of friendship.

Heart tattoos are a popular type of tattoo design for girls…and even for men! Hearts are commongly used in tattoo designs as a symbol of love, a loved one lost, a broken heart, or other romantic ideas. Heart tats are really versatile because they can be small or large, and can be incorporated into a number of different tattoo designs.