Mai 22, 2022

Real human heart tattoo on foot

Girl’s foot heart tattoo

Talk about taking things literally. This girl got a human heart inked on her foot and it’s pretty close to the real thing!

Real human heart tattoo on foot

Congratulations to this girl for having one of the most unique heart tattoos out there! She has a heart tattoo on her foot, and we don’t mean one of the popular, I love this person or that person, heart tattoos. We mean a real human heart tattoo. The heart tat is inked in red and blue on her left foot, and even includes heart valves, veins and everything else you might find in a human heart.

Getting a flaming heart or a pierced heart inked on your body is one thing, but a real human heart? What in the heck does that stand for exactly? We’re going out on a limb here, but if typical heart tattoos stand for love, friendship or passion, a real human heart tattoo could represent…life?