April 19, 2024

Back heart tattoo with roses and hands outline

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Flower heart tat on back

This interesting heart tattoo is made up of two hands forming a heart, surrounded by flowers on this girl’s back.

Back heart tattoo with roses and hands outline

The great thing about heart tattoos is that they are so versatile, it is rare to see two identical heart tattoos that aren’t intentional. This girl went above and beyond to make her heart tattoo original by getting two hands inked on her back, which form a heart with the thumbs and index fingers. The heart tat also includes large red roses and is inked on this girl’s upper back and shoulders.

Lots of people use this sign as a fun way to express their love for someone. This girl chose to have this sentiment permanently inked on her back in a large heart tattoo. In addition, the rose is the flower most often associated with love, as they represent sexuality and romance. This girl incorporated all of these themes into one cool back tattoo.

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