April 19, 2024

White and yellow frangipanis flower tattoo on shoulder

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Bright white frangipanis

A surreal yellow and bright white flower tattoo on this girl’s shoulder with swirls in the blossoms.

White and yellow frangipanis flower tattoo on shoulder

This girl’s flower tattoo on her shoulder looks more like it was painted on, and the swirl design in the center of the blossoms gives them a playful look, almost like a pinwheel. The bright white, yellow and orange colors used in this shoulder tattoo really make the frangipanis stand out against the girl’s skin.

Frangipanis are popular tropical flowers similar to plumerias, and are a beautiful design to use for flower tattoos. The meaning of a flower tattoo changes when frangipanis are used, since the delicate blossoms are believed to keep the wearer safe. For some people, a frangipani tattoo meaning represents strength, faith and ambition.