September 26, 2023

Bright Orange California Poppy Flower leg tattoo

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Orange California Poppy

Wild & bright orange Poppy flowers with green stems and leaves, running along a girl’s leg. 

Bright Orange California Poppy Flower leg tattoo

This long length leg tattoo stretches up along a girl’s leg with bright colors from the poppy flowers and green vines with leaves. The orange ink that is used in this tattoo is beautifully inked on a woman’s skin. This tattoo has lovely usage of bright orange / yellow and blue / green ink, that gives the tattoo a very realistic touch. 

The Orange Californian Poppy or Golden poppy flower ranges from Yellow to Orange in color and is an annual plant. The California poppy flower is a native flower to the United States and the state flower of California. The California poppy flower blooms from February to September and can survive mild winters but dies is harsher climates. The poppy flower opens up in sunlight, but can be seen as closed during cloudy or rainy times.