Dezember 3, 2021

Dolphin tribal tattoo on chest and shoulder

Chest dolphin tribal tat

Chest tribal tattoos like this dolphin tat are popular tattoo designs for men. The chest tattoo extends onto the shoulder.

Dolphin tribal tattoo on chest and shoulder

This interesting tribal tattoo has a lot going on. The focal point of the tattoo is the two dolphins that are inked on this guy’s chest, forming a circular design just below his neck. On his shoulder, there is an image that almost looks like a staircase, along with what may be flower petals. Below these images, there are several different tribal designs inked in black and white, with a picture of a person’s eye.

Dolphins are very intelligent creatures and they are also free to roam the seas. Many people may choose to get a dolphin tattoo inked on their body as an expression of their wisdom or their free spirit. According to Chinese philosophy, the image of two dolphins together is also a symbol of yin and yang, which stands for the balance of life and nature.