Juli 4, 2020

Girls rib hibiscus & vines flower tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girls torso hibiscus

Vibrant multi-colored hibiscus flower inked in pink, yellow, purple, and black with curly q green vines and leaves.

Girls rib hibiscus & vines flower tattoo

Large flower tattoos allow you to add little details to the petals that you wouldn’t see normally. This girl did a great job of this by using lots of white on top of the pink to create curving petals. She also used yellow, purple, and black towards the center for a tropical look. The stems swirl down toward her hip with big green leaves and tiny spirals growing off.

Hibiscus flowers are cultural symbols for Hawaiians. They also grow naturally in a rainbow of colors so you can pick any color palette you like while keeping your design natural looking. The swirling stems are a neat way to take up space on her little waistline under the huge bloom on her ribs.