September 26, 2023

Black and grey crystal skull tattoo on pillow

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Crystal skull tattoo

Tattoo of a large grey skull resting atop a light blue pillow, with several orange glares in the background.

Black and grey crystal skull tattoo on pillow

The large grey skull in this tattoo is cushioned on top of a light blue, yellow and purple pillow that might otherwise hold a valuable crystal. The skull is cracked and old-looking, with missing teeth, and there are orange glares in the background that look as though something should be shining, like a crystal. This skull tat is inked on either a man’s arm or leg.

Although we know skulls to be associated primarily with death, some ancient cultures believed skulls had a meaning opposite death. In fact, the legend of the crystal skull actually related the skull image with knowledge, life or enlightenment. Later on, many believed that getting their hands on a crystal skull would bring them immortality. Indiana Jones, anyone?