Dezember 3, 2021

Forearm colorful lily & bee flower tattoo

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Orange lily & bumble bee

Two bright orange and white lilies with two fuzzy black and yellow bumble bees buzzing over the flowers on a an arm.

Forearm colorful lily & bee flower tattoo

Pairing flowers with little insects make for cool tattoo designs. The tropical lilies are in full bloom inked in varying shades of orange to show detail and white ink to create curving petals. The stigmas at the centers have green ink as well. The bumblebees above have detailed wings and yellow and black bodies.

Both the flowers and bumblebees are placed at different angles so this tattoo design looks like a photograph of flowers in the garden. Flowers represent beauty and also the cycle of life because of their short blooming periods. Adding bees that get their food from the flowers are more symbols that represent the chain of life.

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