September 26, 2023

Dragon Tattoo on Girl's Back

Flying dragon on back

This flying dragon tattoo is located on this girl’s back, reaching onto her shoulder blade and over her right shoulder.

Dragon tattoo on girl’s back

This dragon tattoo design portrays a green and red dragon flying among the clouds and surrounded by red flowers on this girl’s back and shoulder. The chinese dragon in this back tattoo has green scales and is outlined in red, a color which is repeated in the girl’s other back tattoos. Flying and fire-breathing dragons are popular kinds of dragon tattoo designs, as they are sometimes thought to stand for freedom and strength.

According to Chinese mythology, green dragons represent life, death and rebirth, while red dragons symbolize power and protection. Interestingly enough, the mortal enemy of the dragon is traditionally the Phoenix, which is another tattoo this girl has inked on her back, just below the dragon tat. Although fearsome and powerful, Asian dragons are also considered benevolent, just, and bringers of wealth and good fortune.