Februar 28, 2024

Wrist rosary beads cross tattoo idea

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Brown rosary & cross

Rosary beads and large simple cross tattoo that looks like it is hanging on her wrist and inner forearm.

Wrist rosary beads cross tattoo idea

Rosary bead tattoos don’t only have to be done like a necklace on the chest. This little wrist tattoo looks like a bracelet of a light brown rosary. The cross is done in the same color and has just a few details of lines and curves. You could add a couple more lines of beads to make it bigger and look like the rosary is wrapped around.

The rosary is a symbol of traditional Catholic devotion. The rosary is used to count the various prayers recited so you could do the actual amount of beads in your tattoo design. This religous symbol has also become apart of pop culture art in recent years.