Februar 28, 2024

Small cherry blossom flower tattoo on wrist

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Simple & pretty flower

Wrists are a good area for a small and delicate tattoo like this single cherry blossom flower with leaves.

Small cherry blossom flower tattoo on wrist

Here is an example of a small and simple design that looks great with color detailing. This little cherry blossom flower has light pink petals with touches of darker pink towards the center and white tips. The center is filled in with yellows and black lines drawn in a circle.

The green leaves are placed in the gaps of the petals and compliment the flower colors nicely. They only have one black line detail in each and there isn’t a stem. The tattoo is big enough to take up a good part of the wrist area but there is still plenty of room if she wants to add a branch or another matching flower in the future.