Juni 21, 2024

Side waist butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tat on hip

Awkward is the only word that comes to mind when seeing this “butterfly” tattoo for the first time. And the second time.

Side waist butterfly tattoo

This girl’s side tattoo looks nothing like a butterfly. In fact, it looks more like a chicken. But to each his own. The “butterfly” tattoo in this photo is inked in black and white on her side, right around her waist area. The butterfly image has a black body and white wings with black dots on them. The butterfly also looks like it is walking on two legs.

This side tattoo brings a whole new meaning to unique butterfly tattoos for girls. Butterfly tats are typically meant to stand for remininity, rebirth, and metamorphosis, like a common caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. The meaning of this butterfly tattoo, however, is beyond me, because it certainly doesn’t symbolize beauty.