Dezember 3, 2021

Miguel angel side tattoo

Pink butterfly side tat

This girl’s butterfly tat includes a pink and orange butterfly with black swirly lines and dots inked on her right side.

Miguel angel side tattoo

Although the pink butterfly in this side tattoo is only medium-sized, the swirly lines make this butterfly tattoo take up the girl’s entire ride side, from her right shoulder blade all the way down to her right hip. The butterfly is very life-like, and is accompanied by several other body tattoos, including a tat of Tigger on her right lower back and a Chinese symbol on her lower stomach.

This girl clearly loves tattoos and probably has several more that we can’t see in this photo. Although most butterfly tattoos represent something important and meaningful for the wearer, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that this girl just thought the butterfly was pretty. It’s hard to imagine what Tigger could stand for.