Mai 22, 2022

Colorful leg butterflies tattoo

Butterfly trail on leg

Colorful, small butterfly tattoos like this one are girly and fun; perfect for girls who appreciate beauty and simplicity.

Colorful leg butterflies tattoo

Although most butterfly tattoos are designed after the appearance of a real butterfly you would find in nature, this quirky butterfly trail tattoo is original and fun. This girl’s leg tattoo is simple and uses bright colors to really make the butterflies stand out against her skin. The butterflies are really small, which makes them appear feminine and delicate.

Too many girls with butterfly tattoos think that larger, more noticeable tats are where it’s at. However, cute butterfly tattoos like this colorful trail of butterflies are far more interesting and flirty, especially when they are located in more subtle places on the body. Butterfly tattoos for girls are meant to highlight their femininity, not take away from it!