August 14, 2022

Cancer ribbon butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo ribbon

Supporting breast cancer research is a common tattoo meaning for girls. This butterfly has a cancer ribbon as its body.

Cancer ribbon butterfly tattoo

This butterfly tattoo was inked in support of breast cancer, and shows a black butterfly with a pink cancer ribbon for its body. Behind the butterfly image is a black swirl with a few black stars as well. The butterfly tattoo design in this photo is located on this girl’s back, right between her shoulder blades and almost on her neck.

Since butterflies represent beauty and rebirth, a common reason for butterfly tattoos for girls is to remember a loved one or to symbolize something important to them. Clearly this girl thinks breast cancer research is an important cause, or maybe she lost a family member or friend to the disease. This cancer ribbon butterfly tattoo is unique and obviously holds a deep meaning for the wearer.