Mai 20, 2024

Bicep rose butterfly tattoo

Flower with butterfly

This guy’s arm tattoo includes a cartoonish red butterfly hovering over rose buds and a rose that has already bloomed.

Bicep rose butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoos aren’t very common among men, especially tattoos with both a butterfly AND roses. The colors used in this butterfly tattoo design however, actually make the image look pretty masculine. The butterfly tat is located on this guy’s right bicep and is inked primarily in red and black. The roses in this bicep tattoo are also red, except for the leaves, which are green.

Butterfly tattoos are typically inked on women, because they usually symbolize beauty, femininity and grace. However, butterfly tattoos have different meanings for different people, which makes them appropriate for men as well. This guy’s butterfly and flower tattoo probably represents something important to him.

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