Mai 22, 2022

Tribal tattoo of heart

Black heart tribal tat

This simple tribal tattoo uses a traditional tribal design to create a cute black and white heart tattoo image for women.

Tribal tattoo of heart

Heart tattoos are probably one of the most common types of tattoo designs for men and women, and there are a number of different ways a heart can be inked on the body. Some of the most popular heart designs include a heart with wings, a broken heart, or a flaming heart. Regardless of the heart design though, when you get right down to it, heart tattoos represent love (or love lost).

Even though hearts are typically thought of as a feminine shape, this unique heart tribal tattoo would look just as good on a guy as it would on a girl. The black tribal design that has become so popular these days makes any tattoo image, even a heart, look edgier and more masculine. So watch out wussies…this is no “Mom” heart tattoo.