Juni 21, 2024

Swallow tattoo on girl’s ribcage with banner

This girl’s colorful swallow tattoo is inked on the left side of her ribcage and features a sizeable bird carrying a banner that reads “PAPA” in capital letters. The swallow in the bird tattoo is inked in green, red and yellow, and the banner is inked in a bright blue color. The colors and the design of the swallow tattoo match the girl’s other tattoos on the inside of her arms. This ribcage tattoo obviously means something very important to the wearer, and the most obvious meaning would be that it was inked in memory of a father that she has lost. There are a variety of swallow tattoo meanings out there, but one of the most common is family loyalty or returning home, both of which would fit in this case. Other possible meanings of a swallow tattoo include true love, travel and freedom.

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