April 19, 2024

Small black swallow tattoos on wrists

Swallow tattoos are pretty common tattoo designs among both men and women, but this person’s wrist tattoo is unique because the two birds are inked from different perspectives. In most cases of bird tattoos that feature two swallows, the birds are inked exactly the same as mirror images of each other. Both birds in this swallow tattoo are inked in black as a silhouette, but the one on the left wrist is viewed from either above or below and the one on the right wrist is viewed from the front and slightly off to the side. The meaning of a swallow tattoo can be interpreted in many different ways – either as a nautical symbol, or as a representation of travel, returning home or true love. The two swallows in this bird tattoo are flying towards one another, so it’s possible the swallow tattoo meaning is love or loyalty.

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