Dezember 5, 2023

Girls black & white swallow on her neck

Although swallow tattoos are pretty common these days, this girl’s shoulder tattoo depicts a swallow that is far more detailed than most. The tattoo of a swallow in flight is inked in black and white and takes up a large portion of the front of the girl’s right shoulder. The reason why swallow tattoos are so common, among both women and men, is because the tattoo design is so versatile. Swallow tattoos come in all sizes and colors, and the meaning of a swallow tattoo can vary widely depending on what the wearer wants it to represent. Some people get a swallow tattoo meaning true love, in which case there is usually two birds, while others opt for an image of a swallow as a symbol of returning home. In some cases, a swallow tattoo like this one can symbolize overcoming an obstacle in life or surviving some sort of hardship.

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