Mai 20, 2024

Blue swallow tattoo and rose on girl’s shoulder

Birds and roses are common tattoo designs for both men and women, and this girl’s shoulder tattoo features a blue and yellow swallow flying next to a very large red rose blossom. The swallow tattoo is inked on the top of her left shoulder, with the swallow extending slightly onto her back. For the most part, swallow tattoos are inked either in black and white or in blue, which is the prominent color of the barn swallow, the most widespread species of swallow in the world. While the meaning of a swallow tattoo can symbolize any number of things, including traveling, love, returning home and loyalty, rose tattoos have an even broader range of meanings. For the most part though, rose tattoos represent something positive, most often love, purity, femininity or beauty. It is likely then, that the meaning of a swallow and rose tattoo would be true love.

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