Juli 17, 2024

Back and half-sleeve maori tattoo for women

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Large back/arm maori tat

Large tribal tats may not sound appropriate for women, but this Maori tat on the back and arm is feminine and attractive.

Back and half-sleeve maori tattoo for women

This chick certainly isn’t afraid of a little ink! When she hit the tattoo parlor, she opted for an impressive Maori tattoo inked down her neck, across her shoulder blades, on her lower back, and down her arm. The tat features the swirl patterns and geometric designs typical to Maori tattoos, and also includes some flower images that give the tat a more feminine appearance.

Although Maori tattoos were traditionally inked on warriors among the Maori people of New Zealand, Maori tattoos are equally as appropriate for women as men. The practice of tattooing women on the chin was common among Maori females in the past, but this woman decided on a more functional (and probably less painful) back and half-sleeve Maori tattoo.