Mai 20, 2024

Shoulder and half sleeve maori tattoo for men

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Man’s maori shoulder tat

This large Maori-inspired tattoo is inked in black and white on this man’s shoulder, using a traditional geometric design.

Shoulder and half sleeve maori tattoo for men

With a large tattoo that covers his shoulder and half of his arm, this man has a tribute to the Maori style of tattooing inked on his body. Although the design is relatively simple and is inked on a large scale, all the traditional patterns common among Maori tattoos are there, including geometric boxes, triangles, and other designs.

Maori tattoo patterns can range from simple to intricate, but typically all follow the same type of geometric design. Maori tattoos were originally used to mark the bodies of warriors, and this man’s shoulder tattoo appears very masculine. Some Maori tats are inked for their aesthetic appeal, while others are meant to represent a person’s cultural background.