April 19, 2024

Maori tattoo with circle pattern on shoulder

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Large maori shoulder tat

Masculine and intricate Maori tattoo inked on a man’s shoulder in a traditional black design with geometric shapes.

Maori tattoo with circle pattern on shoulder

Maori tattoos of this kind are common among men in particular, mostly because the design itself has a more manly or masculine feel to it. Polynesian and Maori tattoos typically feature geometric shapes, much like the symmetrical circular pattern used in this man’s shoulder tattoo. The Maori tat is inked in black and extends from the base of his neck to his elbow, in a half-sleeve tat.

Maori tattoos have a rich history dating back to a time when Polynesian warriors got the ornate tattoos inked on their bodies as a form of self-identification and an indication of status. Today, Maori tattoos are popular among men in particular, who get the ink as a celebration of their culture, or for aesthetic purposes.