Mai 20, 2024

Maori tattoo on the legs and thighs for women

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Large Maori leg tat

This woman isn’t wearing pants; her legs and thighs are actually covered in a couple of large black Maori tattoos!

Maori tattoo on the legs and thighs for women

While some people choose to get small Maori tattoos inked on their bodies, this woman opted for some impressive Maori-style tats that cover both of her legs and thighs. While the legs tattoo is less ornate than some Maori tattoos, the tattoo is disctinctly Maori in its design. The Maori tattoo features a geometric pattern and sun images with some black color blocking, extending from the tops of the woman’s thighs to her calves.

Getting a tattoo like this inked on your body is quite a commitment, but that was kind of the point of traditional Maori tattoos. They were used as a means of cultural self-identification, and were also a way of expressing pride. For this woman to get such a large Maori tattoo inked on both of her legs, the tat must be extremely important to her, perhaps a representation of her cultural background.