Mai 20, 2024

Polynesian maori tattoo on the leg & calf

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Man’s maori leg tattoo

Large Polynesian-style Maori tattoo inked on a man’s calf, with swirl designs and black and white geometric patterns.

Polynesian maori tattoo on the leg & calf

When it comes to Polynesian Maori tattoos, it seems like it’s either go big or go home. This man has a rather large Maori tattoo inked on his calf in a traditional Maori design. The ornate tribal leg tattoo features straight lines and geometric shapes, as well as softer swirl patterns and plenty of black shaded areas.

Because the Maori people of New Zealand respected and honored all things that had to do with nature, they often used images from nature in their tattoo designs. For example, in this man’s Maori leg tattoo, there are a number of curved patterns that resemble the koru – a spiral design taken from the unfurled new leaf of the silver fern that symbolizes new beginnings, harmony and growth.