April 19, 2024

Sun & eagle maori tat on chest

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Maori tat with eagle

Chest tattoo featuring a Maori tribal design and a sun and eagle image inked on this man’s chest, right over his heart.

Sun & eagle maori tat on chest

This attractive Maori tattoo is inked on the left side of this man’s chest, and includes both an eagle and a sun inked in a tribal design. The eagle has its wings spread and is inked overtop of the sun image in a symmetrical pattern. The eagle and sun Maori tattoo is inked in black and white and the geometric design is intricate and interesting.

The eagle is a popular image to use in tattoos, particularly in tribal tattoos, and the meaning of eagle Maori tattoos ranges from strength, loyalty and honor, to freedom or a symbol of protection. Because the Maori people of New Zealand had a close relationship with nature, they often used images from nature in their tattoo designs, including eagles and the sun, which was worshiped by many tribal cultures.