Juli 18, 2024

Flower band maori tattoo design

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Curved maori flower tat

Maori tattoo design featuring an image of a flower and some other tribal patterns, in a curved tattoo meant for the arm.

Flower band maori tattoo design

This Maori tattoo design could be for either a man or a woman, featuring a flower in the middle of the tattoo, and spreading out to tribal patterns on the outsides. Overall, the Maori tat is curved into a band that looks like it would be perfect inked on the arm. However, because the band is inked in such a unique shape, it might also look good as a chest or back tattoo.

Because Hawaii is included in the “Polynesian Triangle” that also includes Maori and Samoan cultures, the flower designs that you commonly seen in Hawaiian tattoos are also used frequently in Maori and Polynesian tattoos as well. The flower in this particular Maori tattoo looks pretty abstract, but some people may choose a flower native to their culture for this tattoo design, such as a hibiscus if they are Hawaiian.