Mai 20, 2024

Traditional black rose pattern flower tattoo

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Black and white rose tat

Simple black and white rose tattoo with decorative leaves and stem. An elegant and classic flower tattoo design.

Traditional black rose pattern flower tattoo

Even though this flower tattoo is inked in black and white, the rose really comes to life because of the shading and close attention to detail on the petals, leaves and stem. The blossom also has an almost animated quality, with small lines reaching from the right and left sides and the little curlicue extending from the bottom of the stem.

Rose tattoos are popular flower designs among girls, due mostly to their meaning. Rose images typically represent love, although they can also symbolize friendship, innocence and purity depending on their color. The most common type of flower tattoo design is a red rose, which the ancient Greeks believed grew from the blood of Adonis, Aphrodite’s lover.

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