Juni 21, 2024

Small simple rose flower tattoo on foot

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

sexy long stem rose 

Simple yet sophisticated long stem rose with two little leaves inked on mostly black with a bit of red shading.

Small simple rose flower tattoo on foot

Long stem roses make for a seriously romantic tattoo. This design has thin black lines that create the budding rose and leaves with just a bit of red tint on the petals. The stem curves from her big toe up toward her ankle, which looks better than a vertical placement would.

Roses are timeless tattoos. Both men and women have been putting this symbol of love, beauty, sexuality, and life on their bodies for generations. Roses will never be fad tattoos and their meaning has kept its universal significance. To make this tattoo your own, you could add dots of white ink to represent baby’s breath plants.

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