Juni 21, 2024

Simple colorful tropical flower tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Girls colorful petals

Girls simple yet colorful tropical flower that has a pretty lily pad flower shape and shaded petals and a green stem.

Simple colorful tropical flower tattoo

Creating a unique look for a simple tattoo can be as easy as outlining the design in white instead of black. This girl did just that on half of the petals and left the other half unlined. This cool technique makes the flower look like it was done with paint on a canvas.

The tattoo has a lily pad flower shape that is placed by her knee on the side and a green stem that is tatted up this girl’s thigh. Though there is no leaf pad or water, the blues and greens in some of the petals embody those images. You could make this flower float on a few blue wavy lines to make it your own.