Mai 20, 2024

Mens shoulder daisy blooming flower tattoo

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Mens shoulder flower tat

Big red, yellow, and white daisy flower tattooed on a guy’s shoulder that is peeling open like a blooming onion.

Mens shoulder daisy blooming flower tattoo

The top of the shoulder is a cool place for a flower tattoo because you can draw the petals down onto the back, arm, and chest so you can see it from all angles. This daisy flower design has a unique shape because there are many layers of long, thin petals that are red and white on one side and yellow on the other.

The different colors for each side make the flower look like it is curving out in a three dimensional way. Flowers have many different meanings but the main theme for them as tattoos is that they represent the cycle of life because they bud, bloom, and wilt so fast.

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