Juni 21, 2024

Black tribal rose flower tattoo on ribs

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Large rose tat on side

An elegant black and white rose tattoo extending from hip to chest with a tribal-like design filling in the spaces.

Black tribal rose flower tattoo on ribs

While the roses in this flower tattoo design are very life-like, the scrolling tribal pattern that connects the blossoms together gives the tat a more playful feel. The flower tattoo reaches from this girl’s right hip to just below her breast, with some of the flowers in full bloom and some just beginning to open.

Rose tattoos are extremely popular flower designs among both girls and men, and each flower tattoo can have its own meaning depending on the type of flower, its color and even its location. While flower tattoos for men are more commonly found on the shoulder, girls often get rose tats inked on the foot, side, arm, leg or back.

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