März 26, 2023

Dahlia blossom flower tattoo on leg

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Two dahlias on thigh

Two big dahlia blooms inked in muted grey and purple with matching leaves and accenting buds on a girl’s thigh.

Dahlia blossom flower tattoo on leg

Dahlia flowers have lots of petals but instead of outlining each one, this design has the tops of the petals shaded to show their outline. There are seven rows of petals that make up each flower that start small and then get bigger and bigger. The leaves in the background have shamrock shapes and are shaded in black and brown.

This tattoo does not have a lot of color, only purple and black shading so adding the two purple buds at the top by the black flower and leaf helps to balance the tattoo out. The thigh or back are good spots for a big design because you don’t have to wrap or change the image around to make it fit on an arm for example.