August 10, 2020

Big tribal daffodils flower tattoo on leg

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Full leg flower design

Tattoo that goes from a girl’s hip and all the way down to her ankle on one side of orange daffodils and green stems.

Big tribal daffodils flower tattoo on leg

Full leg tattoos that aren’t completely filled in look almost like a pair of detailed tights and have a cool look. These orange daffodil flowers start out big up by her hip and thigh and then get smaller and are in clusters down by her calf and ankle. To connect the flowers she put dark green stems and thin curling leaves in between.

Flowers symbolize beauty and life. These delicate flowers also have a sexy connotation because they are placed all the way up to the outside of the hip and thigh. This type of design is one where you could add to it for years and it would stay cohesive because the original image has lots of empty space to add tattoos in.