Juli 13, 2020

Pink tulips flower tattoo on girl's shoulder

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

 Arm band of pink tulips

Big dark pink tulips and unfilled flower buds that wrap around the upper arm of a girl and reach up to her shoulder.

Pink tulips flower tattoo on girl’s shoulder

Tulips are pretty flowers for a tattoo because they have such a soft look with the way the large petals open up. These tulips are inked in a dark pink with some white detailing at the stigma and on the petals as lines. The flowers are placed in no particular way and there are unfilled tulip buds in the empty areas.

Tulips are becoming more trendy for tattoos instead of the classic rose. They come in so many colors and since they have long petals, they can be drawn around parts of the body like this girl did with her arm. Flowers represent beauty so get creative with your ink colors!