April 19, 2024

Back & shoulder cherry blossom flower tattoo

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Pretty tree and blooms

Cherry blossom tree branches tattooed from a girl’s ribs up to her shoulder with cherry blossom flowers blooming.

Back & shoulder cherry blossom flower tattoo

Traditional cherry blossoms have such a pretty look to them. This design has a big branch with thinner ones stemming out from it with all kinds of cherry blossom flowers, falling petals, and little buds. The branch has an almost scale like design that is a really cool detail.

The entire tattoo is done in black, grey, and white, which makes it look like an old photograph. Cherry blossom trees are beautiful but they also symbolize female strength and rarity because they rarely bloom. Japanese culture views a blooming cherry tree as a time for celebration.