Mai 20, 2024

Back ribs cherry blossom tattoo

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Back cherry blossom tat

Large japanese cherry blossom  tree branches tattooed on a girls back rib cage with blossoming flowers.

Japanese back ribs cherry blossom tattoo

This beautiful cherry blossom tattoo has rigid colored braches, holding beautifully colored pink and red cherry blossom flowers. This tattoo is inked on a girl’s back and stretches along the side of her ribs. The tattoo design has the flowers scattered along the rigid branches in a traditional Japanese / Chinese work of art. 

The cherry blossom tattoo has two different meanings from the Chinese culture to the Japanese culture. In China, the cherry blossom is a symbol of power and strength for women. In Japan, cherry blossoms are a beautiful representation of human life. The cherry blossom tree grows beautiful flowers that only live for only a short time, like most flowers. This short lived cycle for the cherry blossom captures the essence of life for the Japanese.