April 19, 2024

Japanese peony flower tattoo on back

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Bright blue peony bloom

Big bright blue, purple, yellow, and white peony blossom on a girl’s back with a Japanese waves outline and text.

Japanese peony flower tattoo on back

Peony flowers look beautiful as tattoos because they naturally have two-tone petals. The bold blue petals have white edges and purple undersides that can be seen because the flower doesn’t fully bloom out. The stigma is done in a dark yellow at the center. The flower has a very fine black outlining that helps to create the layering look of the petals.

What makes this flower tattoo have a Japanese look is the outline of Japanese art style waves that are unfilled and wrap around below the flower. There is also a quote on an angle on her back and ribs written in black that now stand out much more with the blue flower next to it.