Juli 13, 2020

Carnation & butterflies flower tattoo on arm

image reblogged from http://www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Big blooms & butterflies

Large dark pink carnations with green leaves and two colorful butterflies flying above on a girl’s arm and shoulder.

Carnation & butterflies flower tattoo on arm

Carnation flowers have extra ruffley petals and lots and lots of layers. These two blooming carnations have thin black outlining to show the ruffles and are inked in dark pink. Dark green leaves fold out along the sides of the flowers in different sizes and two butterflies are flying above. The detailed butterflies have yellow, green, and red shading for their wings.

Butterflies and flowers are two symbols that work really well together as tattoos. Together they symbolize summer, beauty, life, and nature. You could play with the wing design of these butterflies and put orange and black for a monarch butterfly for example as well.