Mai 20, 2024

Black dragon tattoo on arm with swirls

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Girl’s dragon arm tat

An interesting tattoo on a girl’s arm that uses a series of black swirl designs to look like the body of a dragon.

Black dragon tattoo on arm with swirls

Even though this girl’s arm tattoo doesn’t look like the traditional dragon tattoo you see these days, it’s interesting how the swirl pattern was repeated throughout the tat so that it looks like the body of a dragon extending up her arm, from her wrist to her shoulder. The dragon tattoo is inked in black and takes up the majority of this girl’s arm.

Dragons tattoos are popular among people of all cultures and beliefs because dragons are present in the legends and myths of most ancient and modern cultures, portrayed throughout history as some form of magical creature. In most cases, dragons are considered fluid creatures, which is perfectly represented by the swirls in this arm tattoo.