Juli 4, 2020

Tattooed girl with chest sleeves hands tattoos

image reblogged from www.tattoounet.tumblr.com

Tattooed girl w/ sleeves

Doing the “speak no evil” pose, this girl with sleeves, chest, and stomach tattoos looks like lots of trouble

Tattooed girl with chest sleeves hands and stomach tattoos

While we don’t like to see much of a girl’s body covered, what best to cover it with that a bunch of sweet tattoos.  This lingerie sporting girl that speaks no evil certainly looks like some deliciously evil trouble.  Her double sleeves and hand tattoos look sick!  The majorily black left sleeve looks to have a face on the under-arm and viney green-blue streaks running down her arm with a flower on her elbow.  On the right side, she has flowers and a very organic looking vine with a black rose on her hand and letters on her fingers.

On her chest, which is a little too covered by her arm, it looks like there are wings from a bird-like creature and possibly some red flowers wich can also be found on her right shoulder.  On her stomach, there is a cloudy outlined word written that may possibly read “hombre” and a figure holding a piece of fruit on her side.  I would sure like to be her “hombre.”

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