September 26, 2023

Girl w/ arm respect tattoo and stomach tribal tat

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Respect tattoo on girls arm

This tattoo girl has a well written respect tattoo on her arm, along with a stomach and shoulder tat

Girl w/ arm respect tattoo and stomach tribal tat

A bikini clad Asian girl is sporting a very well written “Respect” tattoo on her left arm using a super cool font.  With eyes and a body like that, I’m sure she gets all of the respect and attention she can handle.  Those eyes alone look like they can pierce through a mans heart if he didn’t give her the respect she deserves.

Along with the Respect tattoo on her left forearm, it looks like she has some sort of tribal tattoo on her lower stomach area and possibly stretching to her left hip.  Unfortunatley, she is wearing a little too many clothes to fully check that one out.  There is a little swirly tattoo on her right shoulder as well which also can’t be seen very well.  However, I think the view from right were we are is just fine.