September 30, 2023

Small Wings Back Tattoo

Girl’s small angel wings

This girl had a pair of tiny angel wings inked in several colors on her back, resting just between her shoulder blades.

Small wings back tattoo

The angel wings tattoo design this girl chose for her back falls a little short of angelic. The angel wings in this tattoo are colored in red, yellow and blue, and are ridiculously tiny, although they are inked on her back in the place where actual wings would presumably be found. These factors make the angel wings appear unrealistic and almost comical.

Although most people who get angel wings tattooed on their back swing for the fences, this girl doesn’t seem to have been able to make that kind of commitment. Instead of choosing a set of realistic-looking angel wings for her tattoo, this girl opted for tiny colored wings that look rather out of place. Although, if she aspires to be like her friend there, those tiny wings will probably be covered up by lots of other tattoos soon enough.

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