September 30, 2023

Angel Wings Back Tattoo

Back tattoo angel wings

This black and white wings tattoo is large but elegant, covering almost all of this girl’s back from shoulders to waist.

Back wings full tattoo

Angel back tattoos are one of the most popular types of tats these days, and are commonly inked on girls and women, and even men and boys. This angel wing tattoo is mostly black and white, although there is also some light brown or red highlighting selected areas of the tattoo. The feathers on this wing tattoo are very realistic and extend all the way from the girl’s shoulder blades almost down to her butt.

Although black angel wings typically signify a fallen angel, or an angel who has fallen from grace, this angel wings tattoo design appears more heavenly and graceful. Unlike some other angel tattoos, the wings on this girl’s back don’t have claws, which makes it seem like the tat was intended to be peaceful rather than fierce.

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