September 30, 2023

Upper back tribal tattoo with face

Guy’s back tribal tat

This tat is designed like a traditional tribal necklace with a face in the middle, and is inked on this guy’s upper back.

Upper back tribal tattoo with face

This guy’s upper back tribal tat is one of the most traditional tribal tattoos for men out there. The tat is inked on the upper part of his back and shoulders and is centered around a tribal face or mask. The rest of the tat is designed in such a way that actually makes it look like the necklaces that tribal chiefs used to wear. The entire tribal tattoo is inked in black and white.

Not only are tribal tattoos like this guy’s upper back tat really cool looking, but they also typically hold a very important meaning for the wearer. This tribal tattoo in particular is very distinctive because of the use of the tribal face/mask and the traditional necklace design.