Juli 17, 2024

Shoulder tribal tattoo with wave and feather

Feather tribal tattoo

This interesting tribal tattoo includes a unique tribal design with feathers inked on this guy’s left shoulder and arm.

Shoulder tribal tattoo with wave and feather

This guy’s tribal tattoo is particularly distinctive because the feather design forms a wave at the top of his arm near his shoulder. The rest of the tattoo includes different tribal designs and other images. The majority of the shoulder tat is inked in black and white, although one part near the middle of the tattoo is inked in green.

Although many feather tattoos are meant to represent a Native American theme, feather tribal tattoos can also sometimes symbolize the power and freedom of birds. In early civilizations, many people believed that bird spirits were powerful and could purify the spirit. In Native American culture, eagle feathers were given to warriors as a symbol of their strength and bravery.