Juli 17, 2024

Panther tribal tattoo on shoulder

Panther tattoo with name

Large tribal tattoos on the shoulder are popular among men. This panther tribal tattoo covers this guy’s left shoulder.

Panther tribal tattoo on shoulder

This guy’s tribal tattoo is very large, extending from the base of his neck, over his shoulder, onto his chest, and down his left arm. Although the majority of this shoulder tattoo is made up of tribal designs, the focal point of the tribal tat is the head of a panther who is snarling. Above the panther is inked the name Shana in black writing.

The panther is one of the most beautiful, powerful and agile creatures in the jungle. This makes the panther a popular tattoo design for men who choose to get a tribal tat inked on their body. This panther tribal tattoo appears to be dedicated to a woman, which is an interesting choice of images since the panther looks pretty darn mean.